About us

DMJ SYSTEMS is a print distributor not a manufacturer that deals only with TRADE manufacturers except for security signs and decals. Most manufacturers are limited by their size, presses, personnel, etc, we are not. In our 27 years of business, we have tested our manufacturers for QUALITY, PRICE, and DELIVERY TIMES and are confident that we can provide our security company customers with the top quality security products at affordable prices. We currently provide products such as security signs, security decals, security checks, security forms, security envelopes, security business cards, and security labels to 200 security companies in 35 states across the country.


DMJ SYSTEMS (formerly DAVID M. JOHNS BUSINESS FORMS) was founded in 1986. We started out as an office supply company, mainly supplying accountants (my former profession). In 1990 I met the owner of CSS and started calling on their customers. That led to calling on many small and medium-sized security companies (burglar alarm dealers, monitoring stations, software companies, etc.). In 1996, we joined American Business Forms (now called American Business Solutions) and stopped that affiliation in 2000. We then teamed up with W/K Financial Services (now know as Global Source Link). That affiliation ended in April of 2010 based upon the fact that the business was sold. Now that we control our own billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. we are able to pass the savings onto our customers.