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About us at DMJ SYSTEMS. We are a print distributor not a manufacturer that deals only with TRADE manufacturers except for security signs and decals. Most manufacturers are limited by their size, presses, personnel, etc, we are not. In our 30 years of business, we have tested our manufacturers for QUALITY, PRICE, and DELIVERY TIMES and are confident that we can provide our security company customers with the top quality security products at affordable prices. We currently provide products such as security signs, security decals, security checks, security forms, security envelopes, security business cards, and security labels to 250 security companies in 40 states across the country.


DMJ SYSTEMS (formerly DAVID M. JOHNS BUSINESS FORMS) was founded in 1986. We started out as an office supply company, mainly supplying accountants (my former profession). In 1990 I met the owner of CSS and started calling on their customers. That led to calling on many small and medium-sized security companies (burglar alarm dealers, monitoring stations, software companies, etc.). In 1996, we joined American Business Forms (now called American Business Solutions) and stopped that affiliation in 2000. We then teamed up with W/K Financial Services (now know as Global Source Link). That affiliation ended in April of 2010 based upon the fact that the business was sold. Now that we control our own billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. we are able to pass the savings onto our customers.


For over thirty years DMJ Systems has provided high quality printed products exclusively to security companies just like yours. After dealing with hundreds of security companies and thousands of orders, the owners and employees of these companies have taught us what works and what does not work. Put that together with the combined experience of all our suppliers and you have several reasons to call!

Call us for all the printed products your security company needs for branding, advertising and operations. DMJ Systems is your easy single source for everything from window decals, labels, yard signs or door hangers to work forms, stationery, envelopes, checks and more. If it’s printed, DMJ Systems can supply it!

Do you have a SIGN or DECAL company you “love”, that’s GREAT but can they print your panel labels or telephone stickers?

Do you have a local printer? Can they print your promotional items like business card magnets and door hangers?

How about special items like Fire Extinguisher Tags, Destructible Battery Labels, Super Tack Decals for Bell Boxes, and more.

Burglar alarm dealers, monitoring stations, fire alarm companies, security software companies, and equipment suppliers, – YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE! Call us at 800-927-8013 today and find out if we are telling the truth.


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David Johns
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