Case studies

Case Study: Total Safety Inc. Las Vegas Nevada

Total Safety Inc. (TSI) of Las Vegas, Nevada had a problem. The labels TSI affixed to radios located in fire alarm riser rooms were nearly impossible to remove when it came time to re-label and re-assign the radio equipment. Every time a radio was re-assigned some one at TSI had to waste time scrubbing and scrapping to get the old label off of the radio. Even using solvents and after much elbow grease it was difficult to remove the old label without scuffing the finish on the equipment.

After listening to TSI's problem I knew the solution would be finding a label that would look great, provide adequate adhesion and yet be easy to remove - even after years of exposure to extreme temperatures in riser rooms.

I talked with five of my label manufacturers and showed TSI some samples. Soon, TSI narrowed there preference to one label. Over the next few months TSI field-tested the new label. The test was a success. The new labels looked great, adhered well and were much easier to remove than the old labels. We determined it was best for TSI to buy fewer labels at one time to assure that the adhesive on the new label remained fresh during storage.

Mission accomplished! To this day Total Safety Incorporated remains a loyal customer.

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